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KIRAMS – Seoul Cancer Hospital – Energy That Continues Life Campaign

Energy that Continues Life

The very thought of the word cancer often invokes the antonym of life – death.  This forbidding perspective can limit ones scope of possibilities by delivering a heavy blow to their outlook on quality of life.  Improving quality of life for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment was a top priority for our client, The Korea Institute Of Radiological & Medical Sciences Hospital (KIRAM) KIRAM wanted to convey that its not simply a hospital that treats cancer or prolongs life through its radiological technology, but invites people to create the “energy to prolong life” by inspiring them to transform their perspective of a cancer diagnosis.


Change ones viewpoint of the cancer figuratively and literally The words ‘cancer,’  ‘know,” and ‘life’ all have three things in common in the Korean language: all three words rhyme, share Korean characters and block structure.  We wanted to invite the public to make this desirable discovery of the shared relationship amongst these words and hopefully transform their viewpoint of cancer figuratively, and by literally changing their viewpoint or visual angle.

  • 암 – Cancer (ahm)
  • 앎 – Know/Understand (ahm) – same pronunciation as cancer
  • 삶 – Life (sahm)

The majority of displays in Seoul subway stations are limited to static billboards, but we created a dynamic visual effect by using lenticular material and overlapping the three words on top of each other. This allowed the word ‘Cancer’ to transform to ‘Know’ and subsequently transform to ‘Life’ as ones viewing angle or perspective changes, and shows their linguistic relationship. The tagline “Energy that continues life” signifies both the hospital’s radiological capability, but also serves an inspirational message to broaden ones viewpoint of cancer.

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